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Last updated: June 26, 2018
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Get the Highest Market Value

Worthy’s Alison Lou Enamel amp; yellowgold Heart single earring PYXDamK0B
is designed to get you the best possible price when you sell your Breguet watch. Everything about this platform is unique including the appraisal process. Unlike a traditional appraisal, value is not assigned. Instead,our appraisal process involves preparing your watch for auction by photographing, cleaning and creating a description of your Breguet. Once it has been appraised, your watch will be added to the auction platform where actual buyers will place bids. When the auction is finished the highest bid is the price we will over you to sell your watch. In essence, the offer we provide you is based on bids from real buyers under real market conditions.
Worthy is accredited by the BBB and is certified and licensed by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. All of our independent appraisers have the requisite certification and have significant experience in the luxury watch industry. Our process is transparent so you can always get an update on the status of your item. In addition, we give you access to the auction platform so you can see the bids that are placed on your watch.
It is relatively easy to sell a Breguet at Worthy and we will handle all of the work for you. These are the steps to sell your watch at Worthy:
Sell My Watch
Breguet is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer that was founded in Paris by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1775. Currently, Breguet is owned by the Swatch Group and the watches are produced in the town of Vallee de Joux, Switzerland. This is one of the oldest surviving watch-making companies in the world and has been the pioneer of many watch-related technologies including the tourbillion.
Breguet watches are known for their coin-edge cases, blue pomme hands and guilloche dials. Abraham-Louis Breguet married the daughter of a wealthy French bourgeois and the dowry provided him with all of the necessary funds to open his own watch-making shop. Breguet’s connections with aristocrats during his time as an apprentice watch-maker were beneficial as he was later introduced to Queen Marie Antoinette. Antoinette became fascinated with Breguet’s self-winding watch and Louis XVI decided to purchase several of his watches. It is rumored that Antoinette commissioned one watch, called Marie Antoinette which had every known function at that time.
The watch business began booming and in 1807 Breguet hired his son as a partner and the company name changed to Breguet et Fils. After Breguet’s death in 1823, his son took over the company. After Breguet’s son retired in 1833 the business was passed down to Breguet’s grandson. The great grandson of Breguet was the final family member to run the Breguet watchmaking business. While the great grandson had children they did not get involved in the business. Eventually, Breguet teamed up with English watch-maker Edward Brown and after Brown’s retirement his son Henry became head of the company. To learn how to pronounce Breguet and other luxury watch brands correctly, click .
Breguet watches are known for their antique style and traditional design which is one of the many reasons why watch collectors are attracted to these timepieces. The quality of these watches is unparalleled and their elegance is enticing to watch aficionados. Three of the most popular Breguet collections include the Tradition, Classique and Marine.
These watches showcase a return to the original vision of the brand as well as the future of the brand. These watches reconcile avant-garde and traditional style with faces that accommodate horological measurements. The watches feature flawless craftsmanship as every single piece is created with added aesthetic appeal.
These extra slim watches are available in complicated, automatic or manual movements. All of these watches showcase the artistry, traditional values and technical prowess of Breguet. These watches feature the essence of the original Breguet watches and some watches are made with material from the original time period. These Classique Breguet watches come with Arabic numerals and fired-enamel dials.
These models showcase all of the qualities Abraham-Louis Breguet valued as a chronometer maker for the French Navy. They have a protected crown and reinforced case which makes them safe for everyday use while still featuring elegance and style. Breguet watches not only appeal to traditional-style watch collectors but also to collectors who have a passion for history and innovation. There are no other watches in the world like Breguet and watch collectors everywhere seek out these watches.
These are some of the best quality watches in the world and as such you will want to ensure that you get the best deal for selling your Breguet watch. At Worthy, you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal based on actual market conditions. Best of all, there are no long appraisals or negotiations, so get started today!

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With many consumer electronics products, attaining status as an “early adopter” is a badge of honor. Much like music fans who can attest to being fans of a band “ before they were famous ,” there is a sense of pride among those with the foresight to appreciate great new products or technology before the masses.

However, along with the potential reward of early adoption usually comes potential risk. New products often undergo multiple enhancements and iterations shortly after their initial debut. A shiny new gadget is often soon outdated by version 2.0.

With IQbuds TM , ongoing firmware updates have enabled a way to reduce early adopter risk almost entirely.

ongoing firmware updates

Firmware, which TechTarget explains as “the software that allows hardware to run,” is added at the time of manufacturing. Embedded firmware controls the functionality of various hardware devices and products such as IQbuds TM . Unlike app updates for IQbuds TM , which are typically run through iOS or Android automatically over WiFi, firmware updates require a USB connection between the charging case and a laptop or desktop computer.

If that sounds like it might be too much effort, consider what’s been added to IQbuds through firmware updates since their original release. If you don’t have the latest firmware on your IQbuds, have look at what you’re missing:

IQbuds TM Timeline of Firmware Updates

Update 1.1.0 (July 2017)

Update 1.1.0

Update 1.2.0 (October 2017)

Update 1.2.0

Update 1.2.1 (December 2017)

Update 1.2.1

Update 1.3.2 (April 2018)

Update 1.3.2

To update the firmware on IQbuds TM , follow these steps:

As previously noted, Android and iOS devices will usually updated the IQbuds application automatically. Expand the section below to learn how to check your current application version and to confirm if you’re up-to-date with the latest features:

How to Check Your App Version

Open the main menu in the IQbuds app, then hit the “Info” button. The currently installed version of the application will be noted at the bottom of the page as highlighted in the screen grab below:

Timeline and App Update Details







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